Finchley Road chiropractic




"After years of engaging in sports and work-related lifting, I used to experience persistent neck and back pain. Ahab's treatment has undeniably made a positive impact. He is highly professional and have healing hands."

Phill March

Ahab is a dedicated and compassionate healthcare provider who goes above and beyond to assist his patients. I am personally thankful to him for resolving a long-standing hip issue that had not responded to many cortisone injections. He consistently makes time to listen and offer guidance. I've enthusiastically recommended Ahab to my friends without hesitation."

Dr Fiona Smith

"I've experienced discomfort in my shoulders and frequent migraines. Consistent treatment has not only provided relief but has also helped prevent flare-ups and significantly reduced the frequency of my migraines."

Tobby Broadhurst

“ I am so impressed with Dr. Ahab. He is a very professional and a thorough chiropractor. I used to have chronic neck and shoulder pain which already felt so much better after just one session. I have signed up to a course with him to help my pain and posture and would definitely recommend him to anyone I know.”

Malayen Karim

"I initially suffered from intense leg and back pain during all movements, which disrupted my sleep and led to severe muscle spasms. After 6 sessions I had 100% improvement. My back has regained strength and now feels steady. I have resumed exercising and am continuing with the strengthening program without any pain."

Aylin Ghanavatzadeh

I journeyed from Oman to London to consult with Dr. Ahab based on a friend's recommendation. It turned out to be an excellent choice, as he successfully addressed my persistent back issue, enabling me to regain my active lifestyle.

Mohammed Qawooq