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Leg & Foot Pain

Common conditions related to leg and foot pain:

It's essential to maintain the strength and functionality of your legs, knees, ankles, feet, and toes. It's often when injuries occur that patients realise how incredibly inconvenient and, at times, painful issues in these areas can be.

A significant portion of the conditions affecting these regions of the body tends to result from sports-related injuries. Alternatively, they may stem from secondary complications related to other back issues, like sciatica, for instance.

Pain in the legs, knees, ankles, or feet can be more debilitating than it may initially appear. Discomfort and pain in the lower extremities and feet can limit mobility, hinder regular and pain-free physical activity, and generally disrupt daily routines and habits. Problems which begin in the lower limbs can affect the biomechanics of the knees, hips and back. If left untreated for long periods, this improper transfer of forces can lead to pain and dysfunction in other areas. Therefore, it is imperative to get these issues sorted in a timely manner to prevent such an occurrence.

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