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Frequently Asked Questions

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The initial visit holds great significance as it serves to evaluate your condition and formulate a treatment plan. During this visit, we gather information about your current state, medical history, and any specific concerns you may have. A thorough examination is conducted to arrive at a diagnosis for your case, and we engage in a discussion with you about treatment options and plans. If feasible, treatment may also be administered during the first visit.

Chiropractic is a primary healthcare so you do not need a referral from your GP.

If you need one, we will refer you to your GP or we can refer you to a private provider, should you prefer.

It is very safe. The profession is highly regulated by The General Chiropractic Council in the UK.

The number of sessions required depends on your specific condition. Your chiropractor will engage in a discussion with you to create a treatment plan and provide you with information regarding the potential number of sessions needed.

Standard sessions typically last for 15 to 20 minutes. However, in certain situations, extended sessions may be necessary.

We try to give pain free treatment. If you experience a little discomfort then we can look into alternative method to make sure you don’t suffer.

Balance problems can manifest in various ways and are typically indicative of an underlying bodily imbalance. As chiropractors who rely on measurements for diagnosis, our aim is to accurately identify the root cause of your balance concerns and develop a customised treatment plan.

For a conclusive decision, we advise you to schedule our specialised initial assessment. Whilst recent surgery may limit our ability to address a specific region, we can potentially offer assistance in other areas to promote support and facilitate the healing process in the restricted area.

Certainly, you can contact us for answers to most fundamental inquiries and help with scheduling your initial appointment. If you require a more detailed conversation, we kindly request that you wait until after the completion of our comprehensive chiropractic assessment. This way, we can provide a well-informed response based on the assessment results and measurements.

Certainly. Through the process of realigning the body to an optimal position, we facilitate muscle rebalancing and healing. Additionally, by alleviating nerve impingements, we enhance the communication between the brain and the body, leading to more efficient muscle activation and pre-activation. It’s worth noting that elite athletes like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Tiger Woods, and Michael Jordan, have incorporated chiropractic care into their routines to optimize their physical performance. For the rest of us,
Chiropractic care plays a role in injury prevention.

Absolutely, we highly value the use of MRI scans whenever they are an option, as they offer supplementary information that is otherwise unavailable.

Not really. Chiropractic care can start as early as a baby of a couple of weeks old, right up to someone in his nineties or beyond.

The outcome largely hinges on three primary factors:

  1.  The extent of your existing concerns.
  2. Your unique body composition and constitution.
  3. The speed at which your mind and body positively respond to chiropractic therapy.

Certain individuals experience immediate improvements, while others observe progress after multiple sessions.

Certainly, you can receive chiropractic care during pregnancy, and it can significantly enhance your comfort. It’s important to note that some techniques will not be utilised during certain stages of the pregnancy. If you have any concerns about Chiropractic care during your pregnancy, please discuss these in person with a member of our team.

Our assistance involves enhancing your posture by expertly applying advanced chiropractic adjustments. In addition, as part of the care plan, we will provide you with tailored stretches and exercises to actively promote and maintain an improved posture.

Yes, we have the capability to address headaches. If you’d like to learn more about our approach to managing headache cases, please explore further information on this topic.

“Chiropractic is a officially recognized primary healthcare profession within the UK, and the use of the title ‘chiropractor’ is legally protected. It is a criminal offense for individuals to represent themselves as chiropractors without being duly registered with the General Chiropractic Council (GCC). To qualify for GCC registration, UK graduates must have completed a university degree program that is recognized by the GCC.” (Source: University of South Wales)

Please refer to our fees section for detailed information. Additionally, we provide a range of value packages to ensure that our treatments are accessible to you.

Regrettably, in the United Kingdom, the NHS doesn’t provide Chiropractic care. Please note that some private insurance providers allow a certain number of sessions per year but you will need to check with your health insurance provider.

Our aim is to accommodate patients promptly, typically scheduling appointments within 24 to 48 hours. In emergency situations, we are flexible and can collaborate with you to provide urgent appointments.

Certainly, we have the flexibility to make exceptions and provide emergency appointments to assist individuals in critical situations.

No, we do not have that capability. We require specialized treatment tables that are challenging to relocate.

If chiropractic care is not the appropriate solution or if you require a referral to a specialized healthcare provider or your general practitioner for a second opinion, I will ensure you are well-informed throughout the process. If necessary, I will provide a referral letter containing my assessment and recommendations, and you will only be billed for the initial visit.

We have a reasonable cancellation policy in place. You can cancel your appointment up to 24 hours before your scheduled time with no fee. If you cancel beyond this window, there is a charge, but as a gesture of goodwill, we retain the funds as a credit for your next appointment.

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