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Hip & Pelvic Pain

You might encounter commonly used expressions to describe pain in the hip and pelvic area such as:

Degenerative hip disease ranks as one of the most prevalent causes of hip pain, leading many to seek chiropractic care for relief.

Chiropractic treatment can, in some instances, prove highly effective in the post-operative rehabilitation of hips. Consistent post-operative care plans typically facilitate a quicker recovery. Chiropractic interventions can help in rebuilding and restoring strength, ultimately bolstering a patient's confidence during their recuperation.

Pelvic pain is a concern that can emerge at any stage of life, with pregnant women being the most commonly affected group. The primary objectives are pain management and the alleviation of discomfort.

Pregnancy often entails unavoidable weight gain and hormonal changes that affect ligaments, posture, stability, core balance, and strength in a woman's body during this period. Collaborating with a chiropractor and maintaining open communication throughout the pregnancy term aims to ensure the mother's agility and freedom from discomfort.

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